Dragging that stone along

Its amazing how a bottle of whisky still finds its way through the shattered wallet. Would have loved it to be something else, but its still something. And, the something was something I needed, looks like.

In the last one year, life did change quite a bit. From what seemed like a random night, it extended to a meaningful relationship. A lot was learnt. A lot was given. And, then it was time to part.. yet again. But life does move on. Guess, old wounds have taught you much.

Mostly, it feels like square one. But, it is not actually. I have consciously told a client to fuck off because they were not paying enough. The company is taking new turns, new objectives, new strategy. All within that negative balance sheet.

But hopes does exist. In a new way, in every new day. :)


Neers said...

hi there!!!

Da Rodent said...

Hello. Yes, I am still alive :)

Neers said...

yep same city!

Anonymous said...

You really have a beautiful writing "voice." I enjoyed reading your blog.

Da Rodent said...

@anonymous Thank you :)