For a brief while I really thought things were moving with work. But then, it went back straight to square one; cleaned out bank accounts and per-day budgeting. I am quite amazed at how life is teaching me by unwrapping itself slowly and painfully. I am extremely glad that I can see it as 'teaching' and not drown in it. But still, this thing needs a closure. The perceived easier path is always around the corner, tempting. But I shall hold my fort. Not giving up yet.


Partha said...

Wow, u really should be proud of urself for staying at it for so long. I hope all ur hardwork n perseverance pays off soon. Don't give up yet :-)

Arpita said...

Ok the previous comment was from me- Arpita. Partha seems signed in already, so silly google published it under his name ;)

Da Rodent said...

No, not giving up :) Not yet.. :D