A brand new 2012 :)

So, 2011 was not bad afterall. It definitely did start off on a bad note. And, continued to be a bitch till almost the end. But then it took a positive turn. Still a very long way to go though.

Now, what would a new year's eve be without an incident. The evening's theme was 'Time travel'. But the day's schedule did not allow me to prepare much. Managed to do a last minute stunt with not much relevance to the theme. I was the previous century 'nattammai' (village cheiftain). But well, 'time travel' could be just anybody from any time frame than ours :P High on spirits, ended up crossing over to the new year in a swamp, helping a friend to get his car out of the ditch. A little later, we had to pull the rescue car out too, from another ditch.. Sigh!

So, 2012.. I am gonna be a bit more lenient with you ;) I am not swearing at you. I am looking at you with fingers crossed. You better be good to me :)