Curfew for safety, apparently

Today, a pair of hooligans on a bike, threw a bottle of water at me while I was running, from behind. Luckily, the bottle landed on my ass and bounced away without causing damage. The morons sped away sending out victory cries. 50 meters away, a cop car was watching the whole incident. They stopped me and advised me to stay indoors after 23:00. WTF?

So, the way you keep the streets safe is by keeping the citizens indoors? This is pathetic. High time you guys found a better strategy.


How is your life today?

I should say, pretty good :) Well, mostly.. :P

Actually, I feel very happy and enlightened. All that it required was some inside information and the relevant corrective measures. Its amazing how a little bit of truth that you discover, changes your perspective about people. People whom you had elevated to your crown and sworn your life for. Suddenly you see the whole thing bottom up and realize how you were played. How you were used.

It was breaking. But, it was necessary. Coz now, I shine brighter.. and stronger :)


The road to happyness

List out all the things that make you happy. The things that define your happiness. And, then draw a dependency graph of those things. i.e. what you'd need to get those things. Go multiple levels down. Eg: A depends on B depends on C.

How many of those come down to money?



Alright. This is in stone (well almost :P).

Thou shall not rant.
Thou shall not crib.
Thou shall not falter.
Thou shall let go.
Thou shall build your fort back again, brick by brick.

The graph is out there. The markers have been placed. The paths are known. Just got to walk it. So, FTW.



I havent felt so low in a long time now. I am completely broken. I havent slept a wink last night and I cannot think straight anymore. I have lost trust in people. I have lost hope. I have lost all my confidence. I feel like a complete loser. I have been stripped naked, humiliated and shat on. The pathetic part is, I have no shoulder to hide my face into and I am coming here to dump my weight. Also, I want to remember this day. That this day happened because of my own folly.

I am desperately scrambling for the broken pieces of myself to try and put them back. I know I will be back. I know I will be fine. But this day changes things. Forever.


Go ahead and break my fort, so that you could build yours.


A brand new 2012 :)

So, 2011 was not bad afterall. It definitely did start off on a bad note. And, continued to be a bitch till almost the end. But then it took a positive turn. Still a very long way to go though.

Now, what would a new year's eve be without an incident. The evening's theme was 'Time travel'. But the day's schedule did not allow me to prepare much. Managed to do a last minute stunt with not much relevance to the theme. I was the previous century 'nattammai' (village cheiftain). But well, 'time travel' could be just anybody from any time frame than ours :P High on spirits, ended up crossing over to the new year in a swamp, helping a friend to get his car out of the ditch. A little later, we had to pull the rescue car out too, from another ditch.. Sigh!

So, 2012.. I am gonna be a bit more lenient with you ;) I am not swearing at you. I am looking at you with fingers crossed. You better be good to me :)