MOM.. I am stuck :-/

I am stuck in this weird point in life, where I am in loss of a list of priorities that I had or thought I had. At times, it gives me a feeling that I am on a wild goose chase. All attempts at channeling my head and getting it straight seem to have failed. I have that graph fully drawn, of where I am and where I want to be, and the paths leading to it. But that gap in the middle, thats making me space out too much, I am not able to figure.

Not sure what is missing. Incentive? wha..? No.. what the hell.

Sigh! I think I need a break.


Neers said...

yep, you do! dont we all? need a break! :)

and, can i just say, at this moment... you are the best! and i dont even know you! though, three or so years later, i still hate your profile pic, gives me creeps! :)

by the way, something for you on blog wall!

Da Rodent said...

@neers: Yes, got to schedule a 'getaway' soon :)

Aw... :)

A said...

Jus mid life crisis Joe :p

On a more serious note, the gaps just give time for retrospection and you might appreciate them on a long run. For now, just follow your heart :)


Da Rodent said...

@a: Following 'the heart' it is.. :)

Vesuvian Woman said...

This is the part where you live up to your own principals. It takes time and some consternation, but you solidify your stake. Know you and practice good and healthy habits.