MOM.. I am stuck :-/

I am stuck in this weird point in life, where I am in loss of a list of priorities that I had or thought I had. At times, it gives me a feeling that I am on a wild goose chase. All attempts at channeling my head and getting it straight seem to have failed. I have that graph fully drawn, of where I am and where I want to be, and the paths leading to it. But that gap in the middle, thats making me space out too much, I am not able to figure.

Not sure what is missing. Incentive? wha..? No.. what the hell.

Sigh! I think I need a break.


Whisky dreams, again..

I need to get this empty bottle out of my closet as soon as possible. Every time I open it for something, I end up sighing for a good drink.

Interestingly, back when I was young and stupid, I seemed to have jumped into immature conclusions about the Glenfiddich. LOL. Not like I love the Chivas any lesser today. Just have grown to appreciate a good bottle, better.

Shri Balaji ice creams, Perambur

With all the BIG brands, and the heavily-invested&titled gourmets in the same market, its pretty amazing what INR 10 can buy you. Try the 'cone ice cream' at "Shri Balaji ice creams" in Perambur, next to the church. Trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised.