some juice? :)

Bidding farewell to a close friend was the agenda. So, at the favourite 'water'hole with the favourite people :)

Hit one:

Me: Hi.. Lets do coffee
She: Ahh.. My boyfriend will be here any minute
Me: Sweet. Got the point. :)

Hit two:

Me: Hi.. Lets do coffee
She: Wha? [make monkeyface]
Me: [make monkeyface]

Hit three:

Me: Hi.. Lets do coffee
She: Haha. Third time we bump into, we can probably discuss that.
Me: Ah, this is the second already
She: Keep counting.



ASAZ said...

greetings, nisce posting

Da Rodent said...

@asaz: Thank you :) Welcome here.

Johana said...

Nice pick up line and also funny stories. :)

Da Rodent said...

@johana: Thanks. :)

Ureii said...

sounds like your luck with the ladies is on par with mine, :/. haha.

Da Rodent said...

@ureii: Well, what can I say.. :P ;)