Hey.. hello there. How you doing? Nice. See.. I dont come with a baggage. I hope you dont too. Just want to, you know, a warm place to go to sleep at. So, can I come in? I wont be a bother.. I'll be gone when you want me gone. I promise.


This place, I thought, was shut long back. But still there. Blaming me that I was not knocking. Sending my protests to thin air. Filling with that sweet enchantment. That comfortable feeling. Sigh! Just a dream. Another poke at my decisions. And fate playing hard ball. What life.


Where is that fcking paycheque?. :-/

Me : [ look ]
She: [ look ]
Me : [ keep looking ]
She: [ keep looking ]
Me : [ slight smile ]
She: [ slightly wider smile ]
Me : [ wide smile and nod ]
She: Hey.. wat up?
Me : Downing coffee and trying to forget work
She: Hah. I am X..
Me : I am Y.
She: So, what plans for the evening?
Me : [ pause ] Nothing actually. Too broke for anything.
She: [ pause pause ] Aw.. Bad times huh. Alright, me got to be going. Sometime later.
Me : Sure thing. Sometime later.

Run, Star Rock, Cops..

The run was not bad. Consistent and long enough. The beer that followed was warm and flat :-/. But Star Rock, definitely rocked :)

Emptied half a bottle of Listerine to fool the cops on the way, if any. Two minutes from home, a patrol stopped me.

Cop: Where are you coming from?
Me : Went for a run at the marina. Getting back home.

Cop takes a close look at me and recognizes me. It is the same patrol that warned about possible dangers, running late at night on the roads.

Cop: You dont run here anymore?
Me : Twice a week I run at the marina. 10km on the sand is like 20km on the road.
Cop: Ok Ok.. go on.

No breath test :) Sigh!



Its the same old feeling. I am just lost. Broken pieces of glass. Dreams of a fresh start. The chase.. the never ending chase. The attempts and the falls. Everything seems fit, but nothing in place. Questioning the choices. But in no mood to fall back and regret.

Hopes are still high. But still that heavy feeling..


Madras.. Madras.. Madras..

Phew. I am back.. for now :) Have been guzzling every alternate day in the past 9 days I've been here :) I so so missed Zarras.

'Le Waterina', in Thiruvanmiyur promises to be open till 4:00 AM. Got sloshed last night in an attempt to get a birthday boy drunk :P Still wobbling around.

Still broke :-/

Craving for KFC.. Guess I'll head there right away.