Ode to..

It looks like KFC..
It talks like KFC..
Even smells like KFC..
..Oh but I got wise..
Its a time-bomb in disguise.. oh yes it is.,
a time-bomb in disguise..

Lesson: Do not get tempted by those half page ads of 'Planet Chicken, Coimbatore'..


Gayatri said...

is there such a brand? :/ never heard of it.

I have heard of DFC though, dhaba fried chicken :P when will us Indians get more original, i wonder? *belly sigh*

Princess Stefania said...

:P Thank you for the warning. If only somebody had told me about that Chinese restaurant down the road....

Da Rodent said...

@gayatri: That place is called 'Planet Chicken'. Gawd.. I will never forget that day. Shyte. It was so so unbelievably bad. I mean, it takes special vengeance mixed effort to make such bad stuff.

Da Rodent said...

@princess: Down 'DB road' in coimbatore? You mean 'Peking'?