Running through life..

The first feel of feet on wet sand; The perfect sculpture in a drape of blue; Tresses weaving patterns in the wind; The heart's rhythm at the tenth mile; The warmth of a random whiff of subtle perfume; The silent hiss of air past the ear at 100kmph; The sound of waves crashing between the switching of songs; The burn of whisky flowing down the throat; Coffee that breaks the smell of emptiness; The shudder caused by the first touch; The blissful aura of a couple holding hands; The jitter in a well rehearsed pick up line; The incapable feeling of a drunken high; The buttery bitterness of black chocolate; The deep loud burp after a binge of gluttony; The awe that a view from a flight brings; Fishes nibbling on the fingers; The content feeling of a hug; The mindless glee of a little child; The belongingness at being held; The perception of life below from ten storeys high; Jim Morrison reciting in 'An american prayer'; The feel of flowing water; The dance of bubbles in a freshly poured mug of beer; A cold shower on a hot day; The smooth wet skin of a woman;

ah, the little pleasures of life.


Arpita said...

Wow that was just beautiful!

Da Rodent said...

@arpita: Thank you. :)