Dumbest fucking read of the day.

It was quite a tiring day today. After going through a 600+ page document and preparing a cost estimate, which I am not quite sure is gonna get through, I was really not in the mood for anything. And, then this piece of junk falls 'plonk' in front of me.



Now did that shit make me smile? No. It like threw me off the chair and got me rolling over crying in laughter. I have seen 'idiots'. I have seen 'fools'. I have seen 'morons'. I have seen 'religious dumb fucks'. But no, I have not seen 'dumb fucking idiotic moronic religious fools'. Sorry for all the profanity. But, you just made my day boy. Totally.

Now now, lets get a bit serious. Whether the number 666 is indeed the 'Number of the Beast', is questionable. Apparently you have a '616' which is also considered as the 'Number of the Beast'. Now, I know you'll argue that since the 'holy fcking book' says that 666 is the 'Number of the Beast', it is so. I also know for a fact that you dont even want to know that the silly 'holy fcking book' you swear by is the blabber of some random drunk/smoked-up rabbi.

I am dumbfolded by the hypocrisy of you morons. On one side you preach against numerology and other occult practices. And, on the other you believe so strongly on the same. If you got to believe the 'holy fcking book' by the word, then well, Jesus made barrels of wine at Cana so that all the folks there can drink and be merry. And, well.. dont give me that shit about Jesus's wine not being alcohol. Best of all, Jesus did not mention a single word about abortion or pre-marital sex. So, please shut the fuck up and stop trying to feed me your crap.



Breathe in. Breathe out. Sigh! Dusty mess of a room in a stinky city. Feels like home baby. :) After 35 days in a hotel room costing a 6 digit bill to the client, a milestone delivery. I finally can see a paycheque in the horizon. Phew..

Cannot sit back for too long. Another promised delivery is coming up in another two weeks. But for now, I am home :) Sure does feel good. :)