.. yes, i'm still alive :)

Sad that I have to keep asserting to myself every once in a while that I _AM_ indeed still alive. Work is showing no mercy. Nor are the clients. Well, and here comes christmas. Its like I just saw 2009 come in, and its already gonna be over. Shyte. Still in square-one.. fighting for the bread and butter.. and the whisky :P

Lil sis was super sweet and got me new clothes and all, and in return I did some window shopping with her.. :P Was quite annoyed about how december is hyped up with christmas. Every bloody shop playing 'jingle bells' with christmas trees all around. I'm super fed up seeing this over and over, year after year. And, oh the all so 'enthu-pattani' santa clauses hanging around every where, jumping on people at the first opportunity. They have a knack for finding the wrong people. Maybe its just me. Coz, no one else seems so annoyed :-S

Window shopping was not bad actually. Atleast there were enough pretty women to checkout :P, and did not have to join the bored husband/boy-friend club that was having its own small party at the coffee shop in Lifestyle. A visit to the toy's section made me realize how much I've missed out in life. Kids these days get to have 'rocket launchers', 'rc planes', .. shyte.

Its funny how people come dressed up to a sandwich joint.. subway, like it was some fine dining restaurant. It definitely was good fun shocking them by walking in in running shorts, dripping in sweat :)


Schmetterling said...

where do you live, that you're in running shorts AND sweating in december?

Da Rodent said...

@schmetterling: Madras.. Good old Madras :)