the runaway

I have been having this craving to take my bike and just leave on a long trip to somewhere. Somewhere far. All by myself. To let my head get some perspective. I tossed the coin atleast a dozen times since this morning, whether today is the day. No, not today. Work is hard on my back. There is a lot to do. Cannot afford to do this now. Just not now. Got to wait.


DPhatsez said...

man i've been where you've been! Interesting blog dude! I think i can get high without weed here.

Also i like the same music as you do! \m/ Rock on!

Following you!
will get to your posts once im done with my exams!

mon espace said...

Boy! i wish i could do that. although i cant...why? well i cant ride/dont have a bike for starters..i am geographically challenged, i might just get lost or worse, abducted :P..and im not sure id enjoy a long journey alone..

so for me and so many others like me, you have to do this.


Da Rodent said...

@dphatsez: thanks a ton. Good luck with the exams.

@mon espace: getting lost is the idea :D I definitely am doing this. Just not 'right' now. :)

Manasa. K .Kumar said...

Haha, yeah do it for me :P

and FAST.

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: hehe. Sure will. :D

Gayatri said...

go to ooty :)

IcE MaiDeN said...

ohh wow!!! ur post made me think immediately of a poem i wrote recently.. might like it..


Short and to d point. Like it. :)

Da Rodent said...

@gayatri: I am not a fan of Ooty :P

@ice-maiden: nice poem :)

Preethi Rao said...

So pack your bags and leave... Who is stopping u but yourself?!

Da Rodent said...

@preethi: haha.. i know. soon.