back to reality

whoa.. :) been a while since the last post :P in the meanwhile, my bank balance dropped to a two digit. And, thats a bad scene coz, when you can (technically) afford quite a good meal, you still cant get one. ATMs dont let you withdraw a two-digit figure and hotels/shops dont let you swipe for a two digit bill. shite. that was quite a bad scene. But, well things improved. Bank balance was boosted to a five digit. However, not in the way i would have ideally wanted it to. as in, write my own cheque. But, the reason why the bank-balance increased was something I worked for.

Great. So, now that I am not really a pauper, what next? :P Dropped by at my bootlegger's place looking for a 12-year-old chivas. Bootlegger announces that the cost went up by Rs.400 and that a bottle costs 2050 bucks now. I was like what the heck. I did not want to pay so much, inspite of the temptation and starvation. I settled for a simple red-label which was 1400 bucks.. which is still expensive :-S

So, here I am on a saturday eve, at home drinking whisky, in front of a burning candle, reading some arbid junk off the internet, and listening to jethro tull :)

I still love my life ;)


Antoinette said...

whisky at all costs eh? ;) hope you had a good one!

Da Rodent said...

@antoinette: Red-label is an ok drink.