Phew.. Where am I going :-S

So.. been a long time. Again. I know. Damn. But well, it has been quite eventfull I should say. I havent had a paycheque in three months, ever since I took the 'I shall henceforth write my own paycheque' route. Definitely havent lost my hope yet. Inspite of the trauma cause by every digit that drops off my bank balance. Looks like it has not hit me hard enough yet, coz a couple of weeks back I actually had the nerve to pamper myself with a drink at Leather bar.

After skipping the bakarapet hash for two years in a row, I finally made it this time. Thanks to my friends who figured I am going broke and paid for me. It was fun. I came back home bruised all over because of the thorns. And man, did I drink like there was no tomorrow or not :) I needed that break, oh so badly.

Well, my 'recession stock' of whisky got over way before the recession hit India. And, I have been begging around for a gift. I have offered to save them the trouble of finding one by giving them the exact thing I want. However no takers. Sigh. I have started a 'list of things to do when I get my paycheque'. And whisky is on it.. yay.. :)

But life does go on. I am trying to finish up things which I should have delivered two days back. I am still downing coffee like a madman. Keepin tobacco at bay. Making sure I keep my appointments with friends and family. And hoping that things happen the way I hope they do.


Just Me said...

Broke, busy, hunting for alcohol and hanging on to hope - still the good old times, eh? :)

Antoinette said...

Skipping the hash for two years in a row! Lol, the 'two years in a row' came so matter-of-factly :p
And yes, subliminal message regards whisky to prospective gifters eh!? ;)
I believe you're heading towards whisky in the near future. I almost see it. :D

Pri said...

recession..alcohol...coffee..hopes...such is life!! :(

Da Rodent said...

@justme: yep.. good old times. just getting better and better (or should I say worse) :P

@antoinette: 'subliminal'?? no way.. it is an outright request :P

@pri: haha.. yeah. such is life.