I see what you offer.
I see that its open for all.
I see that me taking it does not make it unavailable.
I see that taking it is pointless.
I am gonna walk away.
And you wont see why.
Ha. What a laugh.


wow.. er.... ah..

Super hot babe walks in.
Totally unrelated ugly blob of a husband follows.
Outside., the husband brings a merc to pick his wife up.


music happy.. yeah again.. :P

When sea waves crush they hit me hard
But I do not feel them
And then, reality is no more real, to me
I ask myself, should I end it now
And join her at last?
I miss the cold embrace of lust
Nothing left, just a dust

.. I am starting to fall in love with Orphaned Land... :)

EDIT 1: Tell me.. What is better than Music and Whisky??


chivas.. chivas.. my faithful, loyal friend.. another 6 larges left.. and a tear rolls down.. chokes.. leaves me blank.. how long?

'hey santa, pass us a bottle will ya?'


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