doctors, engineers, mono music..

In an over-enthusiastic state of mind (read 'an attack of OCD'), I swabbed my ears a bit hard it developed into an infection. Gave me a couple of painful nights and forced me to the hospital. Since the ENT guy was on rounds, I was forwarded to the General physician. I told him I have an ear infection. He takes a look at my ear, thinks for a while, and runs off to bring someone else. The other guy comes, takes a closer look and concludes.. "You got an ear infection sir" (duh!!) "I'll fix you an appointment with the ENT guy so that he can have a closer look at you".. hmm.. and I thought Engineers were bad :-S

The ENT guy wrote the prescription and said "You should stay away from alcohol for a while. It reacts badly with the antibiotic". Uh.. Did not know it was written all over my face :-S

The infection had gone to the extent of entirely blocking my left ear. Its like, I have only one functioning ear at the moment (no I am not deaf, yet). After keeping away from music for a week, I could take it no longer. Inspite of my headphones blaring away the best it can, it still sounds like the left speaker aint working. This is worse than mono music :(


the rat.. the whisky.. the sleep..

I was almost asleep.. tucked comfy in bed, and i heard the rat-trap snap. Wanted to make sure i got the fcker, so got out of bed. And, sure i have :) This elusive bugger has been causing havoc for quite a while, and here he is trapped. yay. Felt sorry for the silly idiot. So, fixed myself a whisky and sat next to him for a small chat. Figured that rats are not such social beings. Hence, I decided to break the ice and share some whisky with him. Dipped a ear-bud in the whisky and offered it to him. He sure does understand good whisky. After some three bud dips of whisky our dude settles down without causing a racket. Hmm. Its so sad that they creatures dont get have the fun we have. Poor things.

Looks like I am back to square one. Now that my sleep got disturbed before it started, it is refusing to come back. :-S Gonna gulp this glass fast and start the counting routine. Cannot afford to lose sleep tonight. Too much work scheduled for tomorrow.. which is a couple of hours away..


six quirky things about me

Tagged by 'Apeeta'.

Alright, here it goes:

1. I cannot stop from makin faces when in front of the camera.

2. I headbang like an idiot when driving, even when not listening to music.

3. I like carrying a bucket of fried chicken and walk around the mall eating them.

4. I tend to jump from one topic to another, and in the end forget what I was trying to say in the first place :-S

5. I am bad at understanding jokes.

6. I get a high on brain-freeze.

A tull that is not so tull

I am quite annoyed that "The broadsword and the beast" just does not sound like a tull album :(