music happy.. yeah again.. :P

When sea waves crush they hit me hard
But I do not feel them
And then, reality is no more real, to me
I ask myself, should I end it now
And join her at last?
I miss the cold embrace of lust
Nothing left, just a dust

.. I am starting to fall in love with Orphaned Land... :)

EDIT 1: Tell me.. What is better than Music and Whisky??


Jagriti said...

love the feel of the poem...the emptiness and the longing...

what is better than music and whiskey...? ~ someone to share both with...! maybe cliched, but true..!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Nice lines!

To answer your question - chocolate :)

Da Rodent said...

@jagriti: Those lines are from a song called "The Beloved's Cry" by Orphaned Land. "someone to share both".. I agree.. Not easy to find though :-S

@sameera: Those lines are from a song called "The Beloved's Cry" by Orphaned Land. Well, I definitely am a fan of dark chocolate. But, no not more than music and whisky :P

Just Me said...

Please sir, I'll pass on the whiskey and head straight for the music.

How about music, whiskey(if you must have it!) and rain falling softly?

Sindhu :) said...

Better than Music & Whiskey - Love probably?

Have heard lots that nothing can beat the high it gives!

Da Rodent said...

@just me: Hmm.. rain falling into the whisky aint funny. I'll be angry :-P

@sindhu: Love?? Hmm.. well.... :-S

Aziza said...

Its a nice verse.. But the words are very self-contradictory.. Lust can never be ascribed an adjective like 'cold'.. I believe it is quite the opposite..

Da Rodent said...

@aziza: I think the poet is talking about the 'emotion' that an embrace of lust gives.

Veda said...

Lovely poem and nothing is better than music and whiskey >:D

Da Rodent said...

@veda: Cheers :) It is a song by this band called 'Orphaned Land'.