chivas.. chivas.. my faithful, loyal friend.. another 6 larges left.. and a tear rolls down.. chokes.. leaves me blank.. how long?

'hey santa, pass us a bottle will ya?'


Arpita said...

oh finished off one whole bottle that night is it?

Just Me said...

Have a little faith, mon ami.

Things work out. Usually.

Neers said...

umm.. a glenfiddich would do? :p

Da Rodent said...

@arpita: nope.. nope.. I wont finish that bottle before i get another one. :)

@justme: hehe.. yeah they always do. just some random mood-swing :P

@neers: YES.. YES.. YES.. :) I screwed the last bottle of glenfiddich by storing it too long after opening it. I am waiting to give it another shot :) However, I am just flirting with the single malts.. nothing can really shake my relationship with chivas.. nothing yet.. ;)

Veda said...

Wandered into your blog...bookmarked it and was reading through...i like the way u put things..ur rantings got style!8-)

will keep an eye on u *in the non-creepy sorta way* :P..

Bbye! :)

Da Rodent said...

@veda: haha.. thank you :)