six quirky things about me

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Alright, here it goes:

1. I cannot stop from makin faces when in front of the camera.

2. I headbang like an idiot when driving, even when not listening to music.

3. I like carrying a bucket of fried chicken and walk around the mall eating them.

4. I tend to jump from one topic to another, and in the end forget what I was trying to say in the first place :-S

5. I am bad at understanding jokes.

6. I get a high on brain-freeze.


Arpita said...

3. You are typical Joey I tell u!

4. I too do that, then i test the listener's attention by asking them, so why did I start tellin you this in the first place? :p

6. wats brain freeze???

Just Me said...

Pick me, pick me! I can emphatically attest to number 5! :)

Da Rodent said...

@arpita: (3) well.. but looks like I wont be able to eat as much as i want.. my stomach is throwing a tantrum these days when I try to indulge even a little bit. and it is not funny at all :-( (4) I do the exact same thing. :) (6) ok.. take a bowl of ice-cream, and swallow spoon after spoon in quick succession. The centre of your fore-head will hurt in a weird way, and make you speechless/motionless.. :D

@justme: oh really???

Starlight said...

Hahaha... Based on some of the posts i've read this just seems to make sense! (4) ditto!

Da Rodent said...

> "Based on some of the posts i've
> read this just seems to make
> sense"

which of the six?