killing the poor little watersnake

I came home this eve to find my parents freaking out about a snake that had curled up behind a flower pot near the door. In an attempt to kill it, dad broke its back. It could move, just not fast enough. But definitely fast enough to make a oooh or aaah run around the gathering every time our poor-snake decided to move its head around.

People peering into our campus from the neighbouring houses to get
updates on the snake-story were hushing amongst themselves
contemplating what snake it could be. They tried their intelligence at
everything.. krait, viper, cobra, asp.. but missed the most obvious one..
a harmless simple 'watersnake' that comes around during the rains :-S

A neighbour even brought a small bowl of milk and a piece of camphor and lit it up in front of the snake. The logic behind the act being: the snake will see the camphor, understand that we mean no harm to it, drink the milk, and happily crawl away. She obviously forgot the fact that with a broken back the snake aint gonna move anywhere out.

I could not take the joke any longer, and put an end to the snake's agony with a crowbar.


Balamurugan,S said...

இப்படி ஒரு சின்ன பாம்பை கொன்னுடிங்களே Joe.. :)

Jan said...

Hmmm... Well, I was imagining it in excruciating pain so I feel slightly better after reading the last line of your post. Maybe the SPCA will hunt you down (and me for this comment :P) but who can say what the snake's views were?

R.I.P. o slithery one.

Arpita said...

ooosh thats so sad..but why did u have to kill it ;(j

Arpita said...

hey me have tagged ya. better do it

Navin said...

Can't help but chuckle at the irony of you, Da Rodent, killing a snake!

Gayatri said...

ouch. maneka gandhi would kill you if she reads this =P

Da Rodent said...

@bala: dai....

@jan: i guess he/she was just too lazy to move out in time after the heavy dinner :-S

@arpita: well, it was badly hurt already. better kill it than put it through pain.

@navin: haha.. yeah, good observation..

@gayatri: :-S no one credits a 'mercy killing' ??

Starlight said...

such humanity!

Da Rodent said...

@starlight: aw.. did i see some sarcasm in it?? :P