Another music-happy mood :)

Out of an ivory mist
I felt a stinging kiss
And saw a crimson stain on her lips

I have a bunch of Opeth lying around somewhere amongst my pile of CDs. Got to look for it. I am having this insatiable urge to listen to 'windowpane' by opeth, and i am just not happy with youtube versions.. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh....


we want the world, and we want it ....................... now.



grokking the whisky

Do you ever speak to your glass of whisky? Or any drink for that matter? Speak as in, hold it in front of you, smile that genuine affectionate smile, feel nostalgic and talk sweet words? If I am doing that right now, am I drunk? But well, I am typing this post without back-spacing too much. Even a first run of a 2000+ lines of c++ code which I wrote just before starting this post did not go bad. No I am not drunk.. I am just talking.. ;)

If some moron tells me how glenfiddich rocks, I am gonna shove my shoe into his mouth. And my shoe has seen a lot of dirty places.. all over the country. The alcohol stings your nose after you swallow. Try a swig of chivas after a glenfiddich, you'll know what I am talking about. But it could be possible that the bottle I tried was a fake/old/mis-handled. Considering I picked it up from a random guy i met at Coffee Day. :-S But I am not blowing up another 2k just to make sure I was not wrong. I'll wait for a free bottle from someone ;)

Oh yeah, the birthday happened. By the beach, with the beer. But was literally waiting for the clock to strike 12. bah~. Another year went by just like that, and I am still here in square one. I dont want to make a crib-fest out of this post considering it started good. So I am off to fill up again.

Edit 1: Oh!! BTW, I just realized .. I crossed that 100 posts mark. Well.. just blah as ever.