The 'begging' industry

Consider some moderately busy traffic signal in chennai. It throws a red-signal approximately once in 5 minutes. On an average, say we have 10 red-signals in an hour. A begger manages to collect atleast Rs.5 in one such red-signal. So, in an hour he/she makes Rs.50. If the begger works for 10 hours a day, he/she makes Rs.500 in a day. Supposing this begger works for 5 days a week, then he/she makes Rs.2500 a week. Which is Rs.10000 in a month.

An enterprising begger could have some kind of a piggy-bank to collect all money for a month so that he/she gets the monthly amount as a one-time pay cheque.

No wonder we have so many beggers in the city.

Edit 1: Remember that these guys dont pay tax. Nor are they included in the calculation of average Indian income (which is way way less than Rs.10000).


Comfortably Numb said...

TRUE in capitals..


Gayatri said...

the Hindi flick Traffic Signal portrays street begging so beautifully.

after reading this post, I'm sure you'd like it.

Priya said...

After a long time.. reading ur blog! Btw.. how come i dont see u online??

Da Rodent said...

@comfortably numb: And worse is, these guys make you feel so guilty. damn it.

@gayatri: I'll check that movie out..

@priya: work is kinda hectic lady :(