Whoa.. what a weekend..

Had a really good weekend. Friday night was a rather sober one. Saturday night landed up at a birthday party. Was drinking till 4:00 in the morning. I crashed for a while and woke up at 8:00 to find that the party was still on. After a quick wash/* started the day with more whiskey :)

And, sunday evening was 'chicken and foosball'. We played so much that our wrists hurt :P

I made it to baywatch on saturday. I _do_not_ like the new look. Its just not that cozy lil place any more :-S


The 'not so short' trip.

It was planned just for three days. Of which we were going to be on the road for two days. So, basically two nights and a day at Wild Haven (masinagudi). However, a couple of torn tyres got us stranded there for another two days. It was fun inspite of the excessive damage to the wallet. It sure was fun to be completely disconnected from the world. :)

We were blessed with constant supply beer and whiskey for the five days, 3 herds of deer parading along the resort every evening, a bonfire every night, amazing food and thankfully no hangovers inspite of the shocking levels of alcohol. And there was this cute lil dog called 'soda' who does not know how to bark. She is the sweetest thing ever. Finally got around to trying beedi. Hmm.. not bad. :D

BTW, this happens to be the 100th post on this blog. Sheesh.. :P

Edit-1: Apparently, Soda's mom's name is Whiskey.. :P

"I am fighting for my future"


Why then are you so surprised to hear your own eulogy?

Tripping on "Tool - Eulogy".. pretty strong words.

Anywayz, life has been the usual shit. Work, work and more work :) No, I am not complaining. Waiting for the most awaited get-away :) I hope nothing comes around to fck that up, coz then I'll be one angry man :P

A friend stated today that I am too stuck up with my choices on music. That I am not open to new music. Well, I usually ignore such comments. But this time I was thinking. Actually he is right. I have not added any new band into my collection in the past three or four months. I am indeed a bit choosy when it comes to music. But its not that I am not open to new music. Its just I dont have the patience/time to give others a shot. Or maybe I am still not fed up with the collection I have ;) Well, whatever be it, I have made a decision to checkout atleast one new band each month. Lets see how this works out.. :P

After cursing coffee-day over and over for the crappy coffee-powder they sold me, I lately figured that I was the idiot who went and bought a dark-roast coffee. I did not read the junk on the box. stupid me. They dont have light-roast, but do have medium-roast, which is not bad at all. I actually like it :)

I have an inch of dust gathered up on my floor.. and my bed has switched roles with the wardrobe. Looks like i have a lot of cleaning up to do this weekend.

My jacket is in tatters. I tried every shop in town. No body seems to be selling jackets anymore. What the hell. And even if some one has a jacket, its filled with stupid labels and embroidery of all sorts. Why the hell is so much of bling-junk coming into Chennai. Even levis.. bah. Whatever happened to the 'plain is beautiful' idea. Am I growing old?