random as ever..

Its been eons that i made it to the hash. A lot of factors were holding me back.. Finally I just took that step. decided to put things behind no matter what and do what I love doing. Was not bad at all.. :) Ended up walking/running on 8+km of terrain which included a lot of isolated beach. Yes you still have lovely beaches in chennai.. just got to look in the right places ;).

Boss touched me deep within by taking us out for beer lunch (which prolonged close to dinner), on us (me and another guy) completing 3 years in his company.. He is the best travel+drink buddy. Somehow I never realized it would be that deep.

And I happened to see one of my childhood crushes (Gautami :P) and was quite dissappointed that she aint that babe anymore. Hmm.. I am dumping her.. :P

I actually stood outside cornucopia for 10 mins straight contemplating whether I should go in and have that steak, after a heavy lunch at karaikudi chettinad. :-S

Summer aint funny at all... :(

Edit1: Just ran out of whiskey.. :((

Edit2: Well, in the end of it I just gave in and had that steak.. It was a mighty good one.. I should say. :)


Macadamia The Nut said...

I LOVE the Kovalam beach off ECR. Quite and beautiful!

Gayatri said...

you dumped your childhood crush just because she was a babe no more? hrmph! *flings a shoe at you* =P

Da Rodent said...

@macadamia the nut: Aw.. you should really try the stretch after fishcove.. except for one or two villages in the middle.. its just casuarina trees, the beach and the water.. and bliss :) maynot be very safe to go alone though..

Da Rodent said...

@gayatri: uh.. well, I had a crush on her in the first place because she was a babe.. the primary reason being defeated gives me no more incentive :P

And, you have a bad habit of throwing things at people.. :P :P

Gautami said...

Ahem, you didn't expect me to stumble upon your blog, did you?! =Px

Da Rodent said...

@gautami: :O

Hmm... :P

Arpita said...

Cant believe that you actually eat & drink so much!!!!!!!!!

Da Rodent said...

@arpita: why else do we work so hard? for food, drink and shelter.. :D