Recently got to know that my first love got married. No, i am not angry. Nor am I jealous or heartbroken or whatever of that sort. But I was a bit sad that she never bothered to even tell me. Heh, funny how years of being together did not matter even a bit.


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

surely means beer time ;)

Macadamia The Nut said...

To take a cue form your previous post... Life goes on

Just Me said...

Shit happens, eh?

Gayatri said...

ouch! i'm sorry.

people change and we must just move on. it's not easy, its a painful road to thread on.. but its the right thing to do.

Da Rodent said...

@kaushik: LOL.. sure sure.. :) FTR (For The Record) I am not the guy who drinks to drown sorrow.. Atleast I have grown out of such stupidity :P

@macadamia the nut: Yeah.. every day is a new one. Too good to be stuck up with the past.

@just me: Lotsa shiit I shay.. :P

@gayatri: Lady.. chill. I did mention that I am not heartbroken/* :D I moved on a long time back. A real real long time back..