and life goes on..

Got completely wasted on Friday .. yay :)

I made it to the hash again on sunday.. :) Totally happy with myself for it. It was one good run with lots of beer :)

Last evening's thunder fried another router at office. Thats adds up to the heap of fried routers.. Hmm. the heap of fried hardware at office is separate from this.

I am listening to 'cemetery gates - pantera' the third time in a row now.. The next queued song is 'purple haze - jimi hendrix'.. but still that has not tempted me enough to stop me from replaying this over and over. Not that I like this better than 'purple haze'.. just the moment I guess. The guitaring is affecting me too much.. a build up of strong emotion.. :-S

Chennai is finally chilling down a bit. It is still hot, but atleast there is some cool sea breeze. Absolute beer weather.. :D But, what is not 'beer weather'?? ;)

Yay... purple haze is on "... excuse me while i kiss the sky ...".. :)

BTW, I got myself a creative zen. My phone batteries were getting drained too much because of playing music on it.. so, went ahead and got myself this cutie. Went with a decision to get a sansa e200, but ended up with a creative zen. No.. I dont want an iPod even if I get it free. And this sweet thing lasts 3 days before dying out. :)

Ah.. gawd.. another beautiful song is on..

(Well) I know, I know, you'll probably scream and cry
that your little world won't let you go
But who in your measly little world, (-uh)
are you tryin' to prove to that you're
made out of gold and-uh, can't be sold

Jimi is brilliant..


Gravity Eyelids said...

dude!! get an ipod..esp if its given free...mine lasts two weeks and still hasnt died out!!

Arvind said...

Nice post.. Jimi is as awesome as always..
My favourite is 'Voodoo Chile'!

And I was totally against the i-pod myself and I wanted a crative Zen 60GB.. But it turns out, it's more expensive than the i-pod 80GB. And it's also more outdated..
So, since I'm a hard-disk-space-whore, I now own an i-pod.. It's not half bad, but coupled with some really good headphones, the music is awesome!

Gayatri said...

cemetery gates IS better than purple haze. =P

beer weather? what about cold coffee weather?

PS : why do all men love beer?

Da Rodent said...

@gravity: For some unexplainable reason, I am not happy with an ipod.. though I'll buy the iPod touch when it gets a bit cheaper :P

@arvind: Ah.. yeah, voodoo chile.. :)

Yeah, the creative is more expensive than the iPod.. And, it has some nice features too. I really love the SD card option on the zen..

@gayatri: I am a 70s person.. so I love 'purple haze' more.. :D

Well, coffee should be hot. It should have less sugar. It should not have milk. Anything else with coffee is just adulteration :P And, its just my humble opinion.. :D

Well, why do all women like vodka??