ever tried sake??

Recently had an opportunity to down quite a lot of sake.. The alcohol in it was quite blatant suggesting that it was added explicitly and not naturally brewed. Short-cuts from the brewing industry. I was definitely fine (up and jumping around till 7:00 in the morn). The moment I crashed, sake took over, split my head into two and did not let me sleep. One of the worst hangovers ever.

But cannot blame the sake entirely. I had quite some lager.. and once that was over, even some strong beer.

One thing I noticed about alcohols which are clear in color.. they dont have a taste and they feel like crap. Ah, not to mention vodka.


Gayatri said...

ever tried fenni? =P

and vodka is NICE. whats wrong with vodka? =)

Da Rodent said...

@gayatri: yes I have tried fenni.. :) It was _ok_. The problem with vodka is that it lacks flavour. It has no flavour of its own. It may taste great with orange juice or something else.. but by itself.. it not that great. I did give vodka a honest shot.. for more than a year. In the end whiskey ruled :)