I hate to see what I have become,
The things I had to do, to fantasize my happiness.
Deep inside, I know I am being the person I am not.
I burnt my finger in doing this,
And, that did not mean anything.
Cant see myself fall. Have seen that too many times before.
I am washing this paint off my face,
And I aint painting any more.


Arpita said...

reminds me a poem called- "paint brush" i read a long time ago in chicken soup for the soul.

A not-cheerful post from you. everythin alright?

Da Rodent said...

@arpita: Aw.. Never heard of that before :-S

Things are ok.. going on. Maybe not in the best fashion, but still not bad :P

Akash said...

usually i wil put some mokkai here. But i gess stuff is serious. So wil just shut my trap. [:)]

Akash said...


Da Rodent said...

@crazybugga: LOL.. general rant man.

Gayatri said...

thats right.. GOOD for you!

you go throw some fresh paint now. c'mon. hup 2, 3, 4. hup 2, 3, 4. on your feet soldier!


Da Rodent said...

@gayatri: hehe.. relax.. it was just that particular moment.. I am up and walking.. actually running..