What can be better than a glass of whiskey, a fine cigar and "The Doors"..


How life changes us

Was thinking about how I used to think a couple of years back. My opinions and stand on things. And, was wondering how the change has happened so silently and steadily. Call it growing up or maturing or whatever. I am quite disgusted by the fact that at times we become hypocrites in the process. Once strong opinions that melt away to more lenient ways. And lenient, taking shape as strong opinions. Be it mere cannabis or tobacco or women.



I hate to see what I have become,
The things I had to do, to fantasize my happiness.
Deep inside, I know I am being the person I am not.
I burnt my finger in doing this,
And, that did not mean anything.
Cant see myself fall. Have seen that too many times before.
I am washing this paint off my face,
And I aint painting any more.