Lab technician [LB]: You got to reduce your computer use.

Me: Er.. that earns my bread.

LB: I am surprised at how you are walking around without glasses.

Me: Well, I dont need them other than to read something or check out a babe.

LB: Well, you'll just screw em up all the more..

Hmm.. damn. damn. damn. there goes another 27 hundreds.


The High..

It forces me to close my eyes,
Lean back, throw my arms wide,
Feel so happy that I could cry with a smile,
Pushing all those deadlines aside.
Even grass cant give what music can,
A high that words would do injustice to.

Listened to 'Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze' for the first time.



We are not the sons of God
We are not his chosen people now
We have crossed the path he trod
We will feel the pain of his beginning


Am I an algorithm?

When was the last time you decided to take off from the world? I took a minute to think about what I do everyday. And, I see that its like a computer program with no loose ends. Every state is well defined and there is nothing other than predefined that is happening. Calendars, schedules, appointments, meetings... I definitely dont think that it is meaningless. However, I definitely feel like a robot.

Hmm.. Am I getting old?

Whatever, I am getting away in the end of this month for a two day camp out in the jungles. Two days of beer, weed and mountains should do some good.


smoke the city

Well done people. In a matter of two hours, even before the sun could come up, you guys have managed to smoke the city up so badly that one can barely see the road 10 meters ahead.


another year :-S

'Only the tame birds have a longing. The wild ones fly.'

So once again
Another New Year's Eve will ease our pain
Faith for the few
And rites that will make us so brave
So new
We laugh and we cheer for a Happy New Year

Candles burn down
And in the darkness future comes around
We smile - all aware
But never speaking of the masks we wear

Turning mirrors upside down
Won't make dust fall off the ground
Hiding wounds won't ease the pain
Sleep won't make you whole again

Change the inside!
...drink the rain...

Dressing our words
Seeing the dirt and flaws inside us hurts
One final glass
A sour taste from our promises
I bid farewell and crawl out of my shell

I'm awake!
I see the mistakes I make
Hiding wounds won't ease the pain
Sleep won't make you whole again
Change the inside...

Today I found a seed of sorrow
The harvest leaves a soil of shame
Now I undress and face tomorrow
And brave I walk to meet the blame

I'll search my home outside these borders
I'll run to meet up with the past
A Resolution for the New Life
This time I know it's gonna last

And I will...
Change the inside
Drink the rain
Open my wounds to heal the pain

Learn the work of The Machine...

christmas... :D

And, it was supposed to be a christmas party ;)