Nope I cannot hear the honking behind me. Morrison is singing "break on through to the other side..". My mind still debating which side I am on. Can I just step over and be happy? ".. we chased our pleasures here, dug out treasures there .." But I liked where I am. Felt better than where I was. Are those two hags going to get off the road now? "..still recall, the times we cried..".. Heh., he is not singing about me. Should I slow down now? Those dumb women aint getting off the road. Slam those brakes.. Cant hear the screeching skid. "..break on through to the other side. break on through..". Phew, managed to keep my ass on the seat. The women are amused or shocked or whatever. The innova guy is blinking his lights reminding that I scared the shit out him and am blocking his way. He aint happy. Must be blaring his horns. "..to the other side, yeah..". That old man on the scooter is animating like cartoon on mute. Yeah, yeah., now blame me old man. I am sure you cant walk in my shoes. Hmm.. should pull over and change the song.


Stop selling Jesus., fckers

Have you met one of these morons who think they dropped straight out of Jesus's ass? Man., these fckers are one fcking pain in the ass. They just cant keep their wagging tongues in their dirty mouths. They just cant do their work. They just cant mind their own fucking business. They have to come over and tell you what you should do. They have to swear by a book which they dont understand jack. They have to do the kissing-hanks-ass thing over and over. They have to ruin the last bit of high you could scratch out of that old dried crappy weed. And., they have to ruin my peaceful Saturday morning.

For heaven's sake., the man is dead. He _IS_ dead. Too bad. You could not save him. So., fckin stop obsessing over him. Get over it. Do something useful in life. Losers.


Been away

Yes I have been away. I've been trying to do a lot of things. Been a bit busy with work.

Have been trying to concentrate on all those projects that I had neglected a bit. Hopefully i'll be able to change the scripts of my personal website soon. Hopefully all those 5 projects which i am working on for my college go well. Hopefully that success takes me somewhere. :-S

Unbelievably, I have been sober for the past 8 days (literally). But coffee seems to be replacing alcohol these days. Not a good sign.

I've been forcing myself to have only fruits for one meal a day, and I am actually sticking to it :) I've been forcing myself not to eat at that dingy, dirty road-side fast-food. But looks like my bike wont go beyond that shop without stopping :-S

I have been trying to get at least 6 hours of sleep a day, which I am successful on atleast 3 days in a week.

Hmm.. Maybe I should i not try so hard :-S