The konkan railroad trip

It actually started as trip to kannur (kerala) for Deepak's wedding., but whats the fun if we just saw deepak take the fall and got back home. So., made an extensiond to take the konkan railroad to goa and back :)

We stopped for a night at 'bekel beach camp' before taking the early morning 'manglore to madgaon' passenger train.

The beach camp is a bunch of (amazingly) well furnished tents put up right next to the beach. With electricity, nice warm beds, clean loo and Rs1500 per head including food it beats any other decent hotel accomodation hands down. After downing a crate of beer near the beach under a stormy cloudy weather, we retired into our beds with heavy rains beating the canvas and water flowing under the cots.

From manglore to madgaon (goa) all we could see was rains, rains, and more rains. After a nice beer-lunch at "Martin's corner" decided to walk to colva-beach. It was a good walk with a gentle drizzle amongst casuarina trees next to the coast.

Colva is just another tourist town with a lot of tourist people doing the regular tourist stuff. And., we were really not the tourist people so moved on to mobor. Mobor was a ghost town. Apart from the three of us and another bunch of four playing cards., the entire town seemed deserted. We forced one guy from the card-playing bunch to break his game and drop us back at the railway station to catch our train back to banglore.

There is a reason why I like 'pecos'. It is this 'baywatch' (near Elliot's beach) of banglore without 'the coffee & the beach' :) Had some awesome lunch listening to 'The Doors' and washing it down with watered-down-pecos-beer (Trademark?). Crawled to 'styx'., and then to 'the tavern'. And., then back to the station.

Now., that was one good "Deepak's wedding trip". Thanks deepak ;)


'Chennai'., the beer deprieved city.

After one hell of a ride across the city under the hot sun., you step into a local bar to find out they dont have a mug of chilled lager for you. And., they serve you something called 'Madras pilsner'. Not a very bad beer., but still not a lager. Aaargghhh...

Been seeing this lately. Its become increasingly hard to get beer in the city. Cant get even stupid sand-piper at TASMAC. A KF-lager is a blessing. Twice last month 'zarras' served sand-piper because they did not have kf-lager. Last tuesday bikes ran out of draught beer at 19:00., with hardly any crowd. Even the bloody boot-legger does not have kf-cans.

What am I doing in this shit-hole. grrr...