The truth about romeos :P

well it comes down to this
juliet she's caught on to the clues
you know the one's that she missed
the one's that we knew
now she's got the news
she understands
she's not all wrapped up in the palm of his hands

juliet she won't come down
her heads high in the castle her hearts underground
it's as if "she didn't know"
the truth about romeo

the tables have turned
juliet she's got this brand new idea
and a few lessons that she's learned
how could she be so blind
in a spotlight so clear
now she understands
she's not all wrapped up in the palm of his hands


what if he did love her
it sure did not show
there's a certain kind of sincerity
and when you know you'll know
i think she should go now
the truth doesn't lie
the truth doesn't lie
the truth doesn't lie


Hmm., another break..

Well., not that I wanted to., but it turned out to be so.., Well..

So., what have I been upto?

I've been going around tamilnadu on a weird-unexplainable-trip. Dont bother asking., I still dont know why I went., and what I was doing.

I screwed my voice-box at the Iron Maiden (Blessed be their name) concert and was braying like a donkey all week.

Also to note., 'drink thrice a week' has become 'thrice a month' (NO I'm not trying to quit. Duh!).

And., now i'm listening to some silly song that has just 'uh.. ah.. papa.. mambo.. ah.. uh..' on RadioCity. Why?? Coz., my headphones broke :( And., i'm left with whatever my phone can offer.

Oh.. finally pulled up the courage to (er.. actually was forced to :-S) ditch my dear dear nokia 6310i and adopt a motorola ming. Grr.. what smartphone., what shit. Cant beat my 6310i. :-S

Finally I agree., barista coffee is a lot better than coffee day's. Coffee Day makes a 'joke of a coffee'. Hmm.. And slightly disappointed with google for forcing me to use a google account.. grr..