That fckin helmet

Of all the things that can be done, the stupid government that I voted to office, forces me to wear a dumb fckin helmet. I cannot see anything properly. I cannot drive confidently. I cannot even checkout shobana on the billboard properly (omg, she is hawt). Driving around chennai's uncivilized traffic with that heavy thing on my head, and a narrowed down vision (am I a horse?), is seriously not funny.

Instead of using my tax money to fix the fcking roads, the bastards are finding new ways to get more money. If I dont give a shit about my safety, why the hell should someone else do? As long as I do not create a problem for someone else, why should it be a bother? Why dont the stupid cops understand that their dirty noses aint breathalysers. Why dont they understand that they cant judge speed just by looking? Why dont they understand that, using the indicators and then wading through traffic without cutting anyones path, is not rash-driving?

I pay the government every year so that I can go through this shit. And, after all that, TASMAC sells me rum labeled as whiskey and forces it down my throat. At times I seriously wonder whether there is any point in being loyal to this country, or to its people.

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