In search of the filter paper

Freaked out totally on the new coffee maker and soon realized that I dont have any more filter cones to use. Tried the usual places. Tried even the unusual places. Looks like you just dont get them in Chennai :( Cleaning that plastic mesh after every round of coffee aint funny at all.

Anybody knows where to get that filter cone? Screw the cone, atleast filter-paper (kitchen use type)?


Arpita said...

Wats happening to you my dear? Such weird questions! :p

Da Rodent said...

arpita: desperacy :-S searched landmark, lifestyle, spencers-daily, trinethra, reliance, yeses.. :-S No paper-filter cones :-(

Aparna Kar said...

Clueless :( Wish I could help

Arvind said...

Welcome to Chennai..
The filter cone is a much better bet, as filter papers really suck! But I think you might get filter papers here.. Try any home appliance place that stock coffee makers and strike a deal..

I am a man who gets fed up easily..
My 'new' coffee maker died young.. :)

Good luck with your quest..