Nope I cannot hear the honking behind me. Morrison is singing "break on through to the other side..". My mind still debating which side I am on. Can I just step over and be happy? ".. we chased our pleasures here, dug out treasures there .." But I liked where I am. Felt better than where I was. Are those two hags going to get off the road now? "..still recall, the times we cried..".. Heh., he is not singing about me. Should I slow down now? Those dumb women aint getting off the road. Slam those brakes.. Cant hear the screeching skid. "..break on through to the other side. break on through..". Phew, managed to keep my ass on the seat. The women are amused or shocked or whatever. The innova guy is blinking his lights reminding that I scared the shit out him and am blocking his way. He aint happy. Must be blaring his horns. "..to the other side, yeah..". That old man on the scooter is animating like cartoon on mute. Yeah, yeah., now blame me old man. I am sure you cant walk in my shoes. Hmm.. should pull over and change the song.


manasa said...

hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhhhhhhahahahahah !!!

The way you've written it is so cute !

damn the old man lol

Just Me said...

Portable Music for use while driving: One of mankind's saner, more useful inventions. :)

santhosh said...

Just a few snips and edits, and this post could well pass as a Metallica song lyrics

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: Old man.. right.. :D

@justme: The best invention too.. :D

@santhosh: Hehe.. I hold copyrights ;)