Been away

Yes I have been away. I've been trying to do a lot of things. Been a bit busy with work.

Have been trying to concentrate on all those projects that I had neglected a bit. Hopefully i'll be able to change the scripts of my personal website soon. Hopefully all those 5 projects which i am working on for my college go well. Hopefully that success takes me somewhere. :-S

Unbelievably, I have been sober for the past 8 days (literally). But coffee seems to be replacing alcohol these days. Not a good sign.

I've been forcing myself to have only fruits for one meal a day, and I am actually sticking to it :) I've been forcing myself not to eat at that dingy, dirty road-side fast-food. But looks like my bike wont go beyond that shop without stopping :-S

I have been trying to get at least 6 hours of sleep a day, which I am successful on atleast 3 days in a week.

Hmm.. Maybe I should i not try so hard :-S


manasa said...

yupp, definitely .you sound worse than me , when i had my board exams !
take a break man .theres much more yummy studd than fruits and road side dingy stuff..!

and yeah ..breathe

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: hehe.. well., actually speaking., I've not found a "chilly beef" which tastes better than that dirty, dingy road-side shop :P. Not even at a five-star hotel :)

Just Me said...

Fruits?! No Alcohol?! Six hours of sleep a day?!!!

What have you done the Da Rodent?!?!

We wants the real Rodent back!! :P

Da Rodent said...

justme: I think everyone goes through a phase like this in life.. :P

manasa said...

@roddy:ahhh ok ok fine , i have experianced that before , but the thing is i find home food and not road side food better than five star stuff ..
each to his own i guess !