more trains.. more trains..

This I typed some time back but never posted. Anywayz, here it is :D

Guy-D was getting married to Lady-R in two phases. Phase one was a hindu wedding at lucknow. And phase two was a christian wedding at Kerala. As always., we waited till the trains were full to start planning the travel. Without a straight train we were forced (not really) to take a round-about-route to lucknow. i.e., chennai->nagpur->jabalpur->lucknow. Chennai->Nagpur and Jabalpur->Lucknow was the regular drab., an AC coach.

Nagpur->Jabalpur was on a narrow-gauge train (train-no = 1NNJ). These narrow gauge trains look like toy trains (no joke). It has only one reserved compartment in the entire train. And that reserved compartment has 31 seats and 5 berths. One has to reserve both a seat and a berth if he plans to travel in the night. This train takes a longer route via Chindvada to get to Jabalpur from Nagpur and reaches in 18 hours (the normal train takes 6 hours). Its max-speed is around 40kmph :D. And., every compartment except the reserved one is packed with people hanging out of everywhere.

People would think we are crazy to do that route. But., for the painful 18 hours, you are rewarded with amazing terrain, thick forests, a huuuuge waterfall right next to the track, and even some tigers if you are lucky :D The train goes through the beautiful satpura forests of Madya Pradesh. So., considering all that., I would say that the straight train is drab.

After four days of trains, lucknow's biriyani and kebabs felt like heaven. And oh., the bridegroom-party started 12 hours later from chennai and reached lucknow 24 hours earlier than us :P


chandni said...

lovely pics :)

How can anyone spend so much time on a train I can't understand...I enjoy train travel but not extensive!

Da Rodent said...

@chandni: Well., we could feel the shake of the train in our heads for a week after that 4 day journey. However, it was not a continuous long stretch. We took breaks, so it was not so bad. :D

Arpita said...

Terrific pics. Really worth the long journey!

manasa said...

great pictures ! looks like someones been having one helluva fun and a huge break from monotonous work schedules :)