Hmm., another break..

Well., not that I wanted to., but it turned out to be so.., Well..

So., what have I been upto?

I've been going around tamilnadu on a weird-unexplainable-trip. Dont bother asking., I still dont know why I went., and what I was doing.

I screwed my voice-box at the Iron Maiden (Blessed be their name) concert and was braying like a donkey all week.

Also to note., 'drink thrice a week' has become 'thrice a month' (NO I'm not trying to quit. Duh!).

And., now i'm listening to some silly song that has just 'uh.. ah.. papa.. mambo.. ah.. uh..' on RadioCity. Why?? Coz., my headphones broke :( And., i'm left with whatever my phone can offer.

Oh.. finally pulled up the courage to (er.. actually was forced to :-S) ditch my dear dear nokia 6310i and adopt a motorola ming. Grr.. what smartphone., what shit. Cant beat my 6310i. :-S

Finally I agree., barista coffee is a lot better than coffee day's. Coffee Day makes a 'joke of a coffee'. Hmm.. And slightly disappointed with google for forcing me to use a google account.. grr..


stylesen said...

At last you got a GNU/Linux based phone MotoMing! huh? I missed it :(8

Da Rodent said...

well., it has a Linux kernel. Everything else is closed. Grr..