Defective by design

No., this is not about the defective by design campaign against DRM. It is the 'defective design' of the human. A human life has so much of sorrow and pain that it has to forget/get-over in its life time. If I were the creator and were to design a 'human life form'., i'd have added the facility of 'selective amnesia' to the human.

Well., I know the philosophical shit about the 'reason of pain' from the angle of various religions. But still., standing in MY shoes as a human, I really cannot understand why such an obvious thing has been missed out.

How many times have you wished that you could simply forget a part of your life., so that the rest of it, as you are living it, is the best it can be? How many times has your past garbage surfaced into your present sweetness and destroyed your happiness? How many times have you been forced to incur pain on people around you because of the stink you failed to cover inside your memory?

Hmm.. If only our brains were like a computer., it would have been so much easier. I'm just a defective-by-design creature by a defective-creator.

EDIT-1: No my life is not screwed. It is the best it can be., at the moment.