Our friend, an american who is travelling in india, was getting desperate that he could not find an auto back to Mahablipuram from near VGP (on ECR) at 1:00 in the morning. After some heavy partying and splashing in the pool, everyone was quite tired. Finally a share-auto gets stopped., and the other indian friend who was accompanying him to find him an auto., talks to the auto-driver in a broken tamil-malayalam mix about the destination. Auto driver takes one look at our passenger, and proposes Rs.600. Our american-friend instantly responds, "600?? You got it. Deal.. lets go.". Our indian-friend has not yet recovered from the shock of the proposal.

Auto driver chucks two passengers in the auto out to accomodate our american guy. Indian-friend finally wakes out of his shock and tries arguing with the auto driver. Auto driver turns to american-friend with one baby face explains about kids education, baby food for his newborn, his weakening eye-sight, bad roads, poor condition of auto, raise in petrol prices, retirment plans, etc.. Our indian-friend is more shocked and rooted to the ground speechless. American-friend says 'go' to the auto-driver. Auto driver silently curses himself that he did not ask for a 1000.

Next day at office everyone hears of this., one minute of eerie silence because of shock., then broke into peals of laughter literally rolling on the floor.


This day., that year...

This day, that year., I surprised her with a cake and watched her eyes moisten in happiness behind the glisten of the candle as she made her wish.

For this day, that year., I travelled in an crowded unreserved compartment, sitting next to the toilet putting up with the stink, to see her smile the next day when i surprised her with a flower on the way to her college.

For this day, that year., I starved to fainting because i spent all the borrowed money in buying gifts and cards to send to her to make up for not being with her on the day.

This day, this year., I stand keeping my head high with all the pseudo male pride that I've got over it and still unable to explain why a tear just rolled down.

... Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind ...


You're Jurassic Park!

by Michael Crichton

You combine all the elements of a mad scientist, a brash philosopher, a humble researcher, and a money-hungry attracter of tourists. With all these features, you could build something monumental or get chased around by your own demons. Probably both, in fact. A movie based on your life would make millions, and spawn at least two sequels thatwouldn't be very good. Be very careful around islands.

Take the Book Quiz
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Ok., people you heard that.. so., I say a million dollars and i'll sell you my story :P


Oh darling....

One thing I really really hate about broken relationships is the way they screw up your music taste.

I'll remember her lying next to me with a watery eye looking straight into me as i was singing "The Beatles - Oh Darling" to make up for something dumb that I did., every single time I hear that song now. And., just to avoid a couple of hours of frustrated walking arounds., and visits to the coffee shop., I literally run away from that song. :-S It is a very beautiful song. Too bad that such a beautiful song had to get associated with some moment of your life which you desperately want to bury deep below. Same with "Aerosmith - Armageddon OST"., and same with "Evanscene - My imortal"

Women not just screw up your head and put you in a confused state., they also screw up your music taste.. Damn. :P


Oh!.. they sooooo love me..

It was a another beautiful day. I was fresh in the morning inspite of previous night's heavy partying. Woke up right in time to drop my sis at the bus-stop. Pleased my mom by having breakfast at home. Hmm., and then I decided to get to office a little early. Got into my dust/sun/chennai-scum protection gear and was at Villivakkam railway gate. The gate was closed. As every other day., I used the gap on the side of the gate to drive across. Once on the other side., one cop in plain clothes stopped me. He was like "Arivu illa?? padichikira illa?? Train vantha sethu poiduvae..(Dont you have any brains? You are educated right? If the train comes you'll die)". I was like 'aw.. gawd what is this guy's problem'.

Then the guy said I'd have to come with him to the police station and see the inspector. Offence being crossing the railway-gate when it was closed. :-S At the police station I figured I've been arrested., and kept in custody with some more people who were caught. One cop there was very eager to discuss how they, the railway police are completely different from the normal police., and that they dont have something called spot fine. Then a another was proudly explain the procedure of how the offenders (us) have been arrested, and will be produced in court and be judged. All this while I'm still gaping in wonder. Mad ass., I did not steal/kill somebody for christ sakes. Damn it.

Finally I had no choice., there were not gonna let me go. Grr.. So., called my colleague who came over and saved my ass by arranging some money for the fine (I'm broke btw. :P I had zilch on me).

Hmm., of the entire ordeal., the court was the most entertaining. I've been having this crazy fancy for courts and soooo badly wanted to see one. Finally got to see one. :) It was quite funny :) Too bad I did not get much to say :-S All I got to say was "Yes m'am i did" when they pronounced the charges., and "Thanks m'am" when she fined me. Grr..

I was caught at 10:45. When the whole thing was over., it was 16:15. It was like one full day wasted. :( Finally when i step into office., there is peals of laughter. Hmm.. it always happens to me doesnt it. I have to get in trouble with the cops every once in a while., grrr..

Heh., they love me.. absolutely..

EDIT1: Forgot to mention. After the whole thing., I had to cheer myself. So., well.. it was beer time baby :)

EDIT2: Aw., and after the judgement when I came out. The cops gave me an option. I either stay back till 18:00, pay the fine myself, show the reciept at the police station and then clear my bike., or give them the fine-amount and 30 bucks extra to do the job themselves. :-S


unanswered questions..

You are broken. Deliberately. When reasoned you dont get one. When you ask., you are denied. And then those low days of jumping around high in alcohol or grass. Then a resolve to cheer up. A dozen walks up and down the beach trying hard to enjoy the water washing your feet. In the end of it., have you got over it? Or have your buried it? Does buried it means got over it? If buried it does mean got over it., then why the fck am I walking around with a frown, looking at the mirror staring at myself, clinching my fist, feeling desperate to run away from this world.

We all dig our pits., we throw all our garbage in., and bury them safely. Then one fine day., something has to happen and all your garbage gets dug up (thanks to the half-high state after too few drinks)., and you sit there in the stink, confused out of your head whether you call or not. Whether you message or not. Whether you mail or not.


When everyone around you is smiling. When you are so surrounded but still alone. When you see yourself standing there with no one next to you. Do you still feel like you've got over it? With that pang in your heart that no matter how much you run., the truth is still there for you to face., do you still think you are over it?

Life is a bitch.