Living in office..

I've been living, LITERALLY living., in office for the past three and a half weeks. I sleep here., I eat here., I brush here., I just dont bathe here :-S Too bad. I've been asking my boss to setup a shower here, and he is still smiling/nodding at the idea. And., if I had a locker or something., I could have stacked up some change of clothes too. I have been visiting home once in two or three days just to take a shower and get into fresh clothes. :D

I've not been replying to emails., have forgotten to wish friends on their birthdays., and have been pissing off a whole lot of loved ones. :-S Well., work has been a bit tedious., but still enjoyable :D Anywayz., I'm just waiting for this whole thing to get over so that I can get sloshed :D