Chennai., SUCKS.

Read this.,
"Police flex muscle in pub, take women to station"

So that equates., 'chennai cops' == morons.



Parvathi said...

i'm so glad i decided not to party last weekend.madras is becoming QUITE scary!

KK said...

What crap!!! the cops are becoming big losers!!!

manasa said...

blame it on the nu accent cars lol

Just Me said...

Moron is an understatement. How stupid can these guys get???!!?!

Sowmiya said...

Ridiculously Scary....

Da Rodent said...

@parvathi: VERY scary..

@kk: heh.. looks like they wanted a piece of the action. desp morons.

@manasa: LOL.. you think they are showing em off?

@justme: its not just the cops., it has a lot to do with the system., the people.

@sowmiya: you are safe in Aus.. :)

Arvind said...

Amen to that!

I would like to say I scratched a cop's bike while nobody was standing nearby..
I feel like I'm on top of the world!!

Now... If only someone would hand me a sharp iron file and one of those new accent cars with no cop in sight..
Oh! Come on! That's never gonna happen.. Those fat losers always sit inside with the a/c on, drinking coffee... Those dirty bastards..
Tsk Tsk..

manasa said...

completely n obsolutely

rini said...

personally joe..doesnt make much of a difference to me considering i don really party..but all the same its quite scary what cud happen if i ever did.

btw my blog is alive again..hehe

Da Rodent said...

@arvind: And., they never pay for the coffee BTW.

@Manasa: they actually look funny in the new car. Best of all., those sirens on the new cars blink in a very funny way. like a kid's toy car.. :P

@rini: Wow., cool.. I'm still living in office btw. :D

Anki said...

what the fuck!!

Da Rodent said...

@anki: exactly., WTF..