And you thought you got me figured out

Excerpt from an email.,

oh my gawd. you are just another idiot who keeps cribbing 'oh she cheated me'.. bah! grow up.

Well., and I took time to go back and read my own posts to see what it would mean to another person from their shoes, and I guess I realize that what this person sees of me from these last dozen posts is just a picture of what I threw at the world to see. Whether it was right for the person to sum me up from these dozen posts is not something i'm going to sit and judge.

YES., I dump all the shit from my head in this blog, maybe because i dont get to dump it anywhere else. However the point is., I dump em all and am happy with my life., so what the hell.

If people are judged by their momentary lapse of reasoning., ignoring what they actually are., so be it. I'll be a loser.

NO., I'm not a guzzler because of she-1 or she-2 or she-3., and also not because of she-1.1 or she-1.2 or she-2.1. Maybe if you liked the taste of beer like the way i do., you'll understand. For ignorant people it is always taboo.

Bloody hell. I want my beer.


manasa said...

haha what else do u think of anyway ...other than ur beer n she-2
huh huh huh

Arvind said...


I'll drink to that!!

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: Ah., many other things.. like, this babe that i saw at bikes the other day. I have absolutely no idea who she is., but she was a B.A.B.E :D :P

@arvind: Cheers mate :)

manasa said...

lol aiyoooooooooooooooo
fine can i call her the she-4 to be ?

Jan said...

hey people who don't like it needn't read ur blog, right?

sigh, the world just can't let a man alone with his "down" thoughts and his beer, can it? :D

manasa said...

aaaaaaaaaargh UPDATE u wan be to be ur monthly (rather every other day ) reminder eh ?

Arvind said...

Joe is somewhere in Kodai... Patying like there's no tomorrow... :P

Go easy on the beer mate.. It isn't easy running long winding paths in that altitude..
Wait.. I'll just let you figure that out by yourself.. Hehe
& SHAME on you.. I can't believe this is the FIRST time in your life you've been to Kodai..

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: heh.. she was with someone else :( The good ones are already taken :( And., lady.. I was on the kodai hills trying not to get lost :-S

@jan: exactly.. just why not.. bah!.. but still i did not take that email too seriously though. Gave it lesser importance than i give to that person :P

@arvind: Yeah., it is the first time., and I totally love it. But., I hate these tourist morons who screw the place up man. There is garbage and plastic everywhere. They'll soon ruin the place.

Well., after a stiff run for 10-15 km through hills, marsh, leeches, snakes, mist, etc..., you've no idea how good beer feels :)

The place is beautiful. I trekked approximately 30km each day :) And., loved it every bit.

manasa said...

ow allrighto busy bee stuck in da jungles(um mountains)

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: was not stuck.. I follow my nose., and my nose knows the way :P even gps does not work properly in some of those places :(

manasa said...

lol thoo