unanswered questions..

You are broken. Deliberately. When reasoned you dont get one. When you ask., you are denied. And then those low days of jumping around high in alcohol or grass. Then a resolve to cheer up. A dozen walks up and down the beach trying hard to enjoy the water washing your feet. In the end of it., have you got over it? Or have your buried it? Does buried it means got over it? If buried it does mean got over it., then why the fck am I walking around with a frown, looking at the mirror staring at myself, clinching my fist, feeling desperate to run away from this world.

We all dig our pits., we throw all our garbage in., and bury them safely. Then one fine day., something has to happen and all your garbage gets dug up (thanks to the half-high state after too few drinks)., and you sit there in the stink, confused out of your head whether you call or not. Whether you message or not. Whether you mail or not.


When everyone around you is smiling. When you are so surrounded but still alone. When you see yourself standing there with no one next to you. Do you still feel like you've got over it? With that pang in your heart that no matter how much you run., the truth is still there for you to face., do you still think you are over it?

Life is a bitch.


Raj Kumar said...

Hi Joe, I have no comments about your blog.

I would like to know whether you are interested working with me on a new computer program.

I am a Sri Lankan tamil living in Canada. My e mail address is

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks. David

Da Rodent said...

@raj: program for? my email id is on my profile page. mail me in person., with a proper subject line.

Arpita said...

Hey common.. cheer up..things wl get better. sooooooooon;)

Sindhu said...

Well, if it's any consolation to you, am sailing in a similar boat..trying to plug all those holes which tries to sink the already sinking boat. Sign..Am sorry I can offer no consolation. Life's pathetic!

manasa said...


Da Rodent said...

I really., really dont remember why things got dug up for a moment. I was in a semi-high state when I wrote that down.

However., I'm fine now :) Thanks a lot people..

@arpita: :) I'm hoping the same. That things will change., and no matter what I wont be digging up things like this.

@sindhu: Hey., dont be sorry. No one can really console another in a case like this. Thats why it is pathetic.

@manasa: Did i not talk about reality?? :P

Parvathi said...

u never are very direct are u.i'm very confused

Anna said...

bah! humbug...

so many people are feeling this way...
including me..


I suppose we have to get over it... at some point..

Da Rodent said...

@parvathi: Hmm.. so am i :(

@anna: humbug?

manasa said...

lol well u did ...way more close to reality than my globe !!!

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: :)