Moments #1

I was sitting at Coffee Day Annanagar (I give one third of my salary to them) on a bad-business morning, reading 'dilbert' and sipping a mug of coffee. The place was empty but for two people including me. I was enjoying that book in front of me and smiling ear to ear. This other chap was in a table next to mine. He noticed the 'dilbert comic book'., and tried to make conversation.

Him: Hi., I've heard ppl talk about this dilbert thingy., what is so funny about it..

Me: Oh! it is about these retarded management people., about how they make a complete fool of themselves in technology firms... It is hilarious.. You should read it..

[Eeerie silence follows.... both of us staring at each other., me expecting him to say something., and his lips tightly zipped up..]

Him: Well., I'm a management person in a software firm.

[I'm dumbstruck... He nods goodbye and leaves..]

Disclaimer: I have nothing personal against management people., I was referring to the guys in the comic strip..


Yasser Rahman said...

LMFAO! That is brillaint ! He needed it ;)

Managment is hard though..deserves some credit :)

Da Rodent said...

@yasser: management is hard., I agree. But., trying to quantify software development as an assembly line process is stupid. Thats what these management people do., and thats why there are so many jokes about management guys in software firms.. :P