Patience? Self respect?

Say, you know a person 'X'. X is short tempered. To add to the sorrow., you also like X.

Now., X lands up in some shit. X is pissed and in a bad mood. You dont know the reason why X is pissed. You approach X and get back hate words. You try to understand the situation, give it some time., and again approach X. Still same situation. X does not explain the reason for the behaviour. You are left to speculate. You are being treated like shit. You are humiliated.

Now., two course of actions. 1: Be a sweet person and sit patiently bearing it all until X cools down and then try to get back and help solve the problem. 2: Honor your self respect., show the middle finger to X and get lost.

I know (1) is very sweet. But where do you draw the line?

Do you still sit patient when 34 continuous calls are being ignored and then you find that the phone becomes busy?

Do you still sit patient when X is talking for hours together to someone else., and then when you call immediately after., X says "I'm not pissed off with you. I cant talk now. bye.. ---blank---"?

Do you still sit patient when X is online all day on Instant Messenger, but does not reply to your 100+ messages., and disconnects abruptly everytime?

Do you still sit patient when X says "..why should I even tell you.."., and this is the same X who came crying to your shoulder a few days back for something personal.

And in the end of this fcked up ordeal., the day after., X calls up and talks like yesterday never happened. Like yesterday never existed. And also X puts in., "please dont remind me of anything"., leaving you alone to solve the mystery of why you were treated like shit. Now., you are forced to ask yourself "What do you want to be?". The sweet person who says "come baby., its ok.."??? or respect yourself and say "fuck off.."??? In the first case you are this 'sweet dude' to X, to the world you are a 'desperate ass'. In the second case you are 'hung up bastard' to X, to the world you are a 'man of honour'.

What a world... What a life...


Parvathi said...

hmmm..women are complex creatures

Arpita said...

Hi.I've been doin the same to a friend of mine and wen i read ur blog i was so shocked( i even scanned ur profile to make sure u r not that friend!)

Anyways in my defense i wld say that , there are times wen u jus dont feel like talkin to someone for no fault of theirs.Once it gets out of the system, then you are ok.If you are a true friend i'm sure it wld not be tough to be that sweet guy;)

Da Rodent said...

@parvathi: and high maintenance.. :P

@arpita: aw., haha.. ok., lady.. why oh why is that guys always get the honour of being this tolerating, understanding, sacrificing thing., and women getaway with being spoilt brats.. :P If I had done the same thing., I know X would have told me to go and jump in the lake. How fair.

Arpita said...

I guess its the least u can do after all the things we do for you;)

Da Rodent said...

@arpita: "..after all the things we do for you.."... wow wow., and wat are those things?? :P

Arpita said...

For starters- being sensible and bringin u guys bk to your senses when you act like eternal 8 year olds!Wat ya say?

Da Rodent said...

"eternal 8 year olds"?? omg!!!!!! Ok., the following is true story.

My gf (now ex) was going to turn up at home. And., as a regular ritual I buy chocolates for her when she comes home. This time I decided to buy one for my sis also. I wanted to get two of those 'three piece' dairy milk packs but only one was available. So., I got that one pack., and four regular bars (that one jumbo pack has three of these regular bars).

My lady comes by., and I give her the four bars., she is happy. Praising happens. Then she went by the kitchen for something and peeked into the fridge for water. Finds the big-pack. Asks me about it., and I say its for my sis. Her face became half the size. She was pissed that I gave her a smaller bar. I explained to her that I gave her four regular-bars while that big-pack had only three of them. She was not satisfied. She stormed out of the house saying 'i always get the small stuff'... phew., took two days to get her back to talking terms.

Now., lets revisit the statement.. 'eternal 8 year olds'??? Hellloooo... duh!!

Arpita said...

hey comeon, that one incident doesnt define the whole female race.And i'm pretty much sure that happened when u were teenagers or somethin.

I hate to generalise but atleast from my exp i can say that lots of men act like kids wen compared to women.

Da Rodent said...

"one incident doesnt define the whole female race"... one incident?? no way.. There are tonnes more. And., it happened when we were 20.

Ok., here is another one. Venue is a common friend's wedding. We were gonna have breakfast at the marriage hall. Food was served., and mah lady eats slowly. She was talking., joking., and eating sloooowly. Soon., everyone else finished up and the crowd for the next round of serving was waiting. The guys started clearing up the leaves. I tell my lady ".. hey., people are waiting. Why dont you ditch the food., we'll go out somewhere else." She was like., "why the hell should i., let them wait.".. The server guy kept staring and mumbling every time he went that side because he wanted to clear up and serve the next round of people. But she would not budge. So., I had to sit with her., till the end of the next serving also.

8 year olds???? who??

Why Am I said...

ok i as reading thru ur post and all the comments blah blah...ibthink there are some ppl (not maen or women) who behave silly..i guess u cannot generalise and that the guy is silly or the girl is(tho mostly men behave silly:P)...but da rodent the last thing u said...abt the wedding thingie was not too bad!!

Why Am I said...

oh and abt the "not talking" thingie...i know i cant advice u but i guss u shudve just ignored her and not tried calling...sometime ppl do full overactions when u keep trying to reach them:)
and btw....why does ur word verification have soooo many characters?!!!

Arpita said...

I think the lady was jus trying to enjoy her food in peace.Anyways as i said that one lady does not define women in general!

Parvathi said...

is this the ex that got married?

Da Rodent said...

why am i: Well., well.. I know it is very bad to generalize. I know its not always the same. Just that I saw too much of that :P Well., the wedding thing was quite bad. Because., it was quite embarassing when you sit there for two rounds of serving.. :-S

Ignoring the person is a solution., but what if I genuinely wanted to help the person..

@arpita: Hey c'mon., you dont sit and relax while there are then people in queue behind you for your chair.

@parvathi: Hey., that person I was talking about in my other post is not my ex. It was someone else's story that I happened to see. This woman i'm talking about here is not married yet., i think so.. (gawd only knows..) I dont think she'll even bother to tell me. Heh.

Da Rodent said...

"and btw....why does ur word verification have soooo many characters?!!!"... I've no idea.. :-S

manasa said...


tht happened to me yesterday !!

except tht 'X' is a friend ..

co incidence or what

Da Rodent said...

@manasa: Well., if you had seen the followup posts to this., you'd have figured that I put the nice-guy image. In the end it did not matter.. she had to leave anywayz :(