Strike!! Strike!!

This reminded me of the old karunya days :) I've lost count on the number of times we were sent back home because the management was closing down the hostels.

It was before valentines day. I had planned this quick trip to chennai (without my parents knowledge ofcourse) to spend the day with my then-girl. I left college hostel at around 19:00 and was at coimbatore railway station waiting for Cheran express (which comes at 23:00). Suddenly I see all my class mates coming here with their bags packed. They inform me that college has closed "indefinitely" because a strike broke out.. heh. crazy., we had a 2+ month long holiday. So., what was supposed to be a one day trip to chennai turned out to be a looooooong one :)

Strikes do show student power and such., and should exist. But these days the way college strikes are happening is not good. Breaking college property is not the way to do things. If you want to fight oppression, lack of rights, lack of facilities, etc.. you can boycott classes and create noise. But going around breaking computers etc., is not the right way of getting things done. In the end of the day the damage cost will end up in your own bills or in the bills of the subsequent batches. And morover., students who involve in 'strikes' these days have no morals. They are just a bunch of jobless morons creating a ruckus for no good reason. Hmm., I look upon the Karunya students during the 1995 strike as heroes. They suffered to achieve their goals. They did not go around breaking things.

Hmm.. too much influence of politics I guess.


Joseph said...

Came here from Shiv's site. I too studied in Karunya. Though there were strikes before and after, during our days it was quite and good (we did have our share during the third year though. It wasn't bad and it lasted only for few days). But in total, my college days are good ones.

Deepti said...

what was the 1995 karunya strike??

Karthik ,K.N said...

i second tht..man i dint get a chance to strike in r coll..

Parvathi said...

its very sad..and i hate this whole concept of a strike..
i want to go back to college!
can't believe i'm saying that but i'm reall tired of sitting at home

Da Rodent said...

joseph: which batch were you in?

karthik: but there were so many things in our college for which we should have fought.

deepti: karunya used to be worse than satyabama (with absurd rules). The strike in 1995 made the management revoke such stupid rules and gave the students some power to govern issues related to them. Though i joined karunya much later to that 1995 strike., its impact was there till i left.

parvati: hmm.. yeah., i understand.. :-S

Anonymous said...

"Though i joined karunya much later to that 1995 strike., its impact was there till i left."

Glad to know that. I dont think the strike was in 95. If I remember correctly, it started in 96 when I was in 2nd year and by the 6th sem, it was over.


Da Rodent said...

@joe: Well., I was not very sure about the dates. But., well the point was it was talked about till i left the college.

Anonymous said...

hi i'm a 2007 passed out of karunya...impact of 96 strike is still there

Arrow said...

Well yesterday (20,07.2011) a strike broke out in karunya during lunch break...students sat on the main road that links the university gate and the hostel gate....staff vehicles and public transport vehicles etc were completely blocked.This went on till around 3pm....some students threw cow dung at the HOD of mechanical....but nothing violent happened but it was a big one....that also just right after the 1st year admissions...Local media had arrived - sun tv, kiran tv etc.....the strike took place because of the following stupid rules-
*Attendance to 85% rather than the old 75%
*No cellphones but every room will have lanphones
*Suspension for silly reasons...like bathing during study hours, washing clothes during study hours, eating biscuits during study hours etc
*The 2nd year warden was a molester as his way of investigation was not "safe and secure"
*Bonafide certificate needed 95% assembly attendance
............................................But now have got what we wanted after having peace talks with the higher authorities.....assembly is not compulsory any more and so is its attendance for bonafide....We Karunyans wont forget this day-THE INDEPENDENCE DAY

akki said...

hey currently i m studying in karunya university..2nd yr..n yesterday on 20 july we all were on big strike...for further detail plz visit www.akki4all.blogspot.com or www.akki4all.co.in

Anonymous said...

ive also heard of the 95 strike and d college being closed
it was legendary
im 09 batch
and ours was all peace strike
jus some road block
and involvement of SFI

dontbethatguy said...

today the 3rd biggest strike in karunya has happened..its was way more violent than the previous like throwing stones at college bus and faculty cars.the funny thing is both junior girls and boys equally participated in it.

its again over stupid rules: making minimum attendace 90%
simpley increasing fees without any proper recepit etc.
its now 9 pm still now its going on..
one thing this shows is the power of the students over college..

karunya will remember this day

Anonymous said...

Actually first official strike was on 1990 by third batch. The management is quite brutal at that time and now. I deeply sympathise with current students.