'Oh what a wonderful world..'

I've been reading posts by bloggers voicing their experiences for the Blank noise project. These posts have left me in a depressed state. I'm quite disgusted with my own gender. With jerks like this around., I dont think that song in the title makes any sense. Its just a mockery after all the shit the woman goes through. I was a witness to one of these things.

Hmm., on the optimistic side of things.. I see a good business opportunity for personal security gear like 'pepper spray', 'stun guns', 'tasers', etc.. which are not that widely available in India.. :)

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Marc Z said...

The things women are subjected to in our country disgust me.

I listened in horror as a female friend narrated incidents of groping in MTC buses. Disgusting. I blame the closed nature of Indian society where everything is taboo.